Shasta & Nomad

Shasta & Nomad

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summary of Loo Loo the Shasta Loflyte

Sometimes it is easier to get the whole picture when you have all the pictures. The following is meant to be a summary of the transformation of Loo Loo, before, during and after. 

The kitchen upon arrival:

 Very dirty but in nice shape. The countertops are like new! She has the original sink cover, faucet and also pump faucet. Pull out cutting board is in great shape!

 Original knobs and hinges and lighting. The propane light over the stove will need a new shade.

Stove works!

Oven works!

Tried to light the pilot for fridge but it did not stay lit. It may just need to be blown out. I really did not play with it much. The fridge itself is in nice condition.

The kitchen area took a bit of cleaning but that was about it. Here she is now all decked out! New owners can decorate any way they want but she sure has potential to be a real star!

The dinette area has a table that folds down to make a bed. The table is in fantastic condition. Repairs were done to the front shelf/wall. Here are the photos:

This is the streetside dinette bench seat. There is a cubby space behind it for extra storage as well as the overhead cupboards.

 Curbside. The cushions were recovered over the original which I removed. They will need to be recovered or replaced. 

As many trailers as I have seen I do not think I have ever had one with a table and the countertops in such great condition. Usually they have scratches and burn marks. Not in this Loo Loo!

Water tank and some surprises found under the seats. These have since been cleaned out.

 The original floor is also in wonderful condition. I do not believe this trailer had much use her past or someone took very good care of her. 

There was some water damage at the front under the window which caused the paneling and shelf there to suffer some damage. So the shelf was ripped out and the brace boards were cut off where they were solid. New boards put in and sistered up next to those and a final board put in place going across the distance from one side to the other. Both sides were repaired and strengthened. I took some pictures to show you my process and cutting and fitting of the new boards. It's all secured now and rebuilt to last.

Once the brace boards were repaired I put in a new shelf and rather than replace the wall  paneling area under the window, which would be a big job, I added a decorative piece of molding to go across the distance there. The shelf and molding can be painted however you choose. I did not do it because I thought someone might like to pick their own colors or stain for it. 

Here she is all decked out so you can get an idea of her potential:

Her rear sleeping/sitting area was the most work. When she arrived the walls showed signs of water damage and she had been covered up with sticky paper. I was amazed to find that her braceboards did not suffer water damage as I had expected.  She is one tough cookie!

Upper bunk was removed and the rear sides walls and rear shelf/back rest was removed. These were all replaced and new insulation was put in as well. The sidewalls were not wet and the insulation was not wet or moldy. It had poured rain so this told me the leak was to the surface of the wall and it had been sealed in the past. I did go around the trailer and seal it up again.

I did add a new board for the lower corner support here:

There were two holes in the skin and this may have been why this corner was not as solid as I would have liked it to be. 

Finally, walls were put up, trim was put up and the rear shelf put up in place. Then the bunk went back in.

The exterior also got some sprucing up. It was washed, sealed and painted yellow over the dull gold. Wings were stripped and polished as well. Here are photos of how she looked when she came and the improvements.

And there you have it. There are still some odds and ends that need to be done but a lot of love, sweat, supplies, 12 -16 hour days of working and tears went into transforming this old beauty and she will make someone a fine trailer. A real fine trailer. She's not perfect, but who is at this age? Let's just hope she finds her new family and soon. She deserves it.


  1. What a great job you did! Has Loo-Loo found a home yet?

  2. Is this trailer still available?
    if so
    could you email me the new interior pictures. im a serious buyer.