Shasta & Nomad

Shasta & Nomad

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hello vintage trailer fans! I have moved on up to the east side and I think I may finally get a piece of the pie! Right now I am sitting in 99's driveway! She came out to get me with her carpenter buddies, Hot Rod (left) and Doobie Brother (right). Hot Rod had an awesome tow vehicle that I really liked riding behind. It was a bit muddy from all the rain we have had and my tires were sunk in the mud. They hooked me up and you should have seen them almost fall over when they plugged me in and my lights worked! Well, except the brake lights, but that might just be a bad ground. 99 said she never has that happen with old trailers she tows home. I think I have already impressed her. 
The trip was nice. At first I swayed a little even though they went slow, but they stopped at a station and put air in my tires. After that, I towed like I wasn't even there! Even on the expressway in 5:00 traffic going 65 mph at one point. Hot Rod was a real champ at towing and the three of them were singing and laughing the whole way home. It was awesome to be back on the road even if only for about 40 miles and they kept saying how they revived me and what good Karma I have. I'm thinking carpenter people are sort of rebels because they towed me home without a plate on me...but they made it and boy were they proud of themselves! 
99 did not get to work on me. I'm thinking carpenter people like to have fun too, cause they all went out to celebrate right after I was parked. So, here I sit. There is a space next to me for my brother, the Nomad. I can't wait until he gets here. He is going to be a bit more work getting home. His tires have to be changed and right now it is too rainy and too muddy to do that. Jeepers Creepers, I sure hope 99 does not forget about him!
It's pouring rain again today! 99's buddy Dr. Blaine told her to look on the bright side...she will find out where my leaks are! Seems like we all suffer from leakatosis at some point. 
Anyway, 99 is going to dig into me today and we are both a bit nervous about that. Been waiting for her to come out here all morning. I would say since the sun came up, but there is no sun here today and none expected for the next five days. My skin is in excellent shape with nary a dent and no B.B. holes. That's a huge bonus! Plus, I still have my wings, or fins as Doobie brother called them until politely corrected by 99. My interior lights work too! Unfortunately, I am a big dirty mess on the inside so today will be a day of exploring my innards and cleaning. I am not much to look at in there, but I do have all my vintage parts and I should be looking pretty again in no time! 

I will post some more pics later. For now, I leave you with this:

“And a beautiful world we live in, when it is possible, and when many other such things are possible, and not only possible, but done-- done, see you!-- under that sky there, every day.” 
― Charles DickensA Tale of Two Cities

And so it is done, I have been pulled from the mud and am about to embark on what I know will be an incredible journey! I hope you will follow along with me, but most of all I hope you never give up hope in your life and always hold on to the belief that all things are possible. It's a beautiful world if you just choose to look at it through the right lens!

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